6 Tips to Keep the Quality of Wood Products on Storage Area

Thu 13 October 2016
par Lori dans misc

To keep your business going and making money, you buy extra stocks from suppliers and store them in a safe place. Keeping the quality of your wood products is on top of your priority especially when they are still in your stock house. Doing this will avoid you from any loss of resources and so you will not be throwing products that supposed to give you good profit. Keeping the quality of your products might be one of the challenges you are experiencing as there are factors that affect its stability and quality while it is stored in a safe keep. Hence it is important that you know the ways to maintain their quality and keep them from the stressful environment. Here are tips for you to keep the quality of your wood products.

  1. Must undergo moisture test. Before you accept and pay for the stock, you must make sure that these products are tested on moisture content. Click here where to test www.kilnservices.co.uk. You can add that to the requirements you give to the suppliers and have your testing to check the quality. Doing this will assure you that you are buying a quality product that would last for years. It is important that you only sell wood products that will satisfy your customers as this will give you a good reputation.
  2. The storing environment is not humid. The stocking area or the room of your wood products must not be humid as moisture will be absorbed by the wood which degrades its quality. Good ventilation is required for this. Hence, you can always reach for companies that construct stocking rooms that meet the requirements for your wood product’s optimum storage conditions.
  3. Must be far from the water supply. Another tip is that your wood products should be far from any water supply such as faucets. You have to avoid any accident of malfunctioning of water outlet thus the best way to do it to keep the products far from any resources.
  4. Must have good stacking dividers. Your wood products must have a designated and proper stacking place. This isn’t only for easy tracking with its variants but will also give you an organized arrangement for testing. On the other hand, your wood products should not be only tested once; they have to undergo another test especially when they are stock for months or years.
  5. Must be free from pests and termites. It is important that your storage place is free from any pests or termites that will consume the wood products and degrade its quality. You can implement a strict maintenance and consistent inspection to make sure that the unwanted pests do not habituate the place.
  6. Scheduled inspection and inventory. Lastly, you need to have a scheduled inspection on the quality of wood stocks so that you can keep track on the products that are damaged or needs to be disposed of. Also by doing this, you can prevent possible loss.

Keeping the quality of your wood products is very important for you as they are the blood of your business. Having them off the standards will degrade your company’s reputation and will give you a lot of complaints from the customer. Hence, it is important that you have a strict maintenance and inspection program in your stock house so as to maintain the environment free from pests, termites, and unwanted conditions. The results of this preventive action will be seen on the quality of wood products you have and a progressive increase in your company sales.