Importance of Hiring a MTF Testing Company

Mon 14 November 2016
par Lori dans misc

Have you considered looking for a MTF testing company? There are many to choose from including This can be used on various types of products. Modular Transfer Function (MTF) is the certain method that’s generally accepted for the function of testing a lens’ imagine quality.

One type of system combines a MTF measurement with a measurement capability. That helps to provide customers with critical issues related to optical system performance-to-data. These functions can be used for many lens systems. That includes high resolution endoscopic lenses, high performance imaging lenses, military sighting devices, molded plastic lenses, and double lenses.

It’s important for a test station to be 100% capable of dealing with small and large optical assemblies with objects at finite/infinite conjugates.

When selecting MTF testing it’s very important to have a working knowledge of MTF. In the past, film/lens resolving power were measured in lines per millimeter. This system was very simple to understand. The main problem is that it wasn’t standardized well.

The figure was calculated by photography into a particular chart. The top resolution patterns were details that could be seen. Due to perception/judgment being used in the process, results from measuring the lens/film didn’t have much consistency.

The lines per millimeter could have been much more practical if they were actually had measurements from a defined contrast level. However, that wasn’t very easy. It would be the result of expensive instruments.

The main problem of defining resolution as well as observed sharpness was later solved. That’s due to MTF being introduced. It’s a very precise type of measurement that’s conducted in the domain of frequency. This resulted in optical engineers being pleased. However, a serious problem is that it often causes confusion among photographers.

Most people know about the sound of frequency. It’s observed as pitch, as well as measured in the number of cycles each second. It’s now known as Hertz. Audio devices are defined by response curves. MTF is in fact a response curve.

However, it involves something referred to as special frequency. That’s in cycles, which are line pairs, per inches or millimeters. The math is always the same.

Plots of the pages have constantly-increasing frequencies that are from left to right. Special frequencies that are high are linked to image detail that’s thin. Photographic devices’ responses usually roll off at spatial frequencies that are high.

These devices could be considered as something called low pass filters. They pass by low frequencies while they also have high frequencies.

MTF has a very basic meaning. Let’s say there’s a pattern that includes a pure tone. At various frequencies where the MTF of imaging systems or components such as lenses or film is 100%, the pattern remains at full contrast.

Meanwhile, there’s the frequency where the MTF is at 50%. That’s where the contrast equals half its first value. MTF is usually normalized to 1005 when at super low frequencies. However, it can actually above 100% and produces some very interesting results.

When you have to choose MT testing, it’s important to choose the right company for your particular needs. This is an important step since it will help to produce the best results.