The Advantages & Disadvantages of Leasing A Commercial Printer

Purchasing or leasing an office printer has it pros and cons. In today’s commercial printing market, most machines also include commercial copiers with and scanning features. In order to know which direction is appropriate, looking at the variables of each will help you decide which option is best for your business. After you choose the appropriate course of action, it is recommended the contract includes maintenance and toner services.

Leasing a commercial printer with can be done at a low monthly cost. Also, there is the option to replace the printer with new equipment after a certain amount of time. In addition to having no ownership, other cons are an extended lease period and limited customization options. Owners of commercial printers get to have instant ownership and are not locked in for an extended period of time. Some undesirable drawbacks to owning a commercial printer include the high cost of investment and rapid pace at which the equipment becomes outdated. Next, ask yourself the following questions about whether purchasing or leasing is best. Has your company been in business for a long time? New businesses are often subject to a strict credit approval process. Any business that has been established for less than three years, will most likely need to provide a personal guarantee to be approved for a lease. If the above information is applicable, consider purchasing a refurbished printer at an affordable cost. Once your business is more established, you can always upgrade your equipment and lease a top-of-the-line printer.

What are your printing requirements? If printing at a high volume isn’t necessary, then you may benefit from purchasing a low-cost basic office printer. Commercial printers are built to last a long time. Considering commercial printer lease terms are three to four years, businesses with low-volume printing needs often purchase a printer that will last a good six or seven years. On the contrary, businesses that rely on regular printing should lease a machine and upgrade at the end of the lease. An office that relies on high-volume printing to stay in business, should lease a commercial office printer.

Do you know how much you want to invest in a printer? Large commercial printers are often very expensive. An office with a limited budget will want to lease a printer or copier service. Most businesses don’t need to spend more than a few hundred dollars a month, to lease a printer that gets the job done. Think about it this way:

Leasing a commercial printer will only cost you a few hundred dollars, and will be a much better quality printer than one which will cost thousands of dollars.