Website Copywriters in London

If you need copy for your website, you’ll find plenty of people who can help in London

London is home to thousands of freelance and agency copywriters who can produce compelling copy that will drive and convert website visitors. Find out all you need to know about finding the right copywriter for your website.

What type of website do you have?

Websites typically fall into two categories. Brochure websites and Ecommerce websites. Which type you have will ultimately determine what your brief looks like and what your best option is in terms of copywriter/copywriters.

Brochure websites – As the name suggests, these are a simple brochure for your products and services. Depending the complexity of your business, these are typically 6-12 pages long and usually consist of pages including

  • Homepage
  • About us page
  • Products/services pages
  • Clients/testimonials
  • Terms & conditions

Typically, these sites have a call-to-action which is an enquiry form or contact form/telephone number.

Ecommerce website – If you are planning to sell products/services directly to your visitors you will usually need a lot of content. This includes category and product descriptions. Many companies make the mistake of simply copying this text from other websites, which is a big mistake in terms of SEO as it will prevent your site from getting as much traffic as it potentially could from Google.

Creating a website copy brief

In order to work on your content, a website copywriter will need what is known as a brief. This is a document which outlines your requirements in detail. Ideally you should have:

  • A rough idea of the number of pages you require and approximately how many words each will contain.
  • A description of your target audience/customers.
  • A sample of copy which reflects the style and tone you are looking for.

If you don’t know where to start with this – take a look at some of your competitors and what they are doing.

Design then copy, or copy then design? Which comes first?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, most designers would say design first and most copywriters would say copy! If possible, it’s advisable to get your copywriter involved at the wire framing stage – that way, they can have valuable input into the structure of the site.

Agency or freelance website copywriter?

For a simple brochure site, you may find that it is better to work directly with a freelancer who you can discuss things with. For an ecommerce website, or a website with a large number of pages, a copywriting agency or even a content mill might be better equipped to deal with the volume of content required and turn this around relatively quickly.

Questions to ask your website copywriter

There are a number of questions you should ask your website copywriter before engaging with them:

  • Can you show me some examples of similar websites you have worked on?
  • Are you familiar with SEO best practice?
  • Are you familiar with my content management system and can you help me to upload the content?